Spectrum Mortgage Group, Inc. closes a $13,000,000 inventory loan on a newly constructed condominium project. Developer paid off construction and mezzanine debt while lowering caring costs. 8% for 18 months including interest reserve.

Spectrum Mortgage Group, Inc. closed on a $2.5M Bridge loan secured by a free standing office complex recently re-zoned for residential use in Naples Florida. Sponsor needed immediate funding to pay off a private loan in a multiple parcel collateralized transaction to free up funding for a new acquisition. Spectrum approved and funded the loan in 9 days.

Spectrum Mortgages Group, Inc.  closed on a $10M bridge loan for the redevelopment of a 250 acre 40 year old golf course property to allow the sponsor time to create 94 residential resort lots, 51 estate lots, 24 golf villa lots an a 200 unit high rise condominium pad in addition to a 150 key hotel pad. Funds were arranged non recourse and allowed for the future advance of vertical development on the site.

Spectrum Mortgage Group, Inc. closed on a $3,500,00 bridge loan to finish the construction of a luxury four unit town home project in the heart of Coral Gables. Borrower needed immediate cash for the purchase of an investment land parcel to be use for additional town house development. Spectrum approved and closed the loan in 14 days.

Spectrum Mortgage Group, Inc. closes on owner occupied Ft. Lauderdale luxury ocean front condominium for $1,280,000 @ 60% LTV. Guarantor received the cash out business purpose loan fixed for 24 months to refinance several commercial properties owned by the same borrower.

Single Family Resident Cash Out Refinance. Spectrum closes on $1,500,000 loan @ 60% LTV on Ft. Lauderdale resident for business purpose. 7.875% fixed for 24 months with 9 months guarantee.

Spectrum Mortgage Group, Inc. closes on Hawker 1000A purchase. Borrower and Venezuelan guarantor needed to close quick on $2.4M purchase and received a $750,000 loan fixed for 12 months.

Spectrum closes $700,000 owner occupied luxury condominium loan, 50% LTV @ 7.875% for 24 months at the Jade Brickell. Proceeds provided for borrower to invest in his fast food business.

Prime Miami Beach investment home purchase of $2.8M with a new first of $1.8M fixed for 36 months @ 9%. Borrower purchased home to renovate and reposition for a future sale.

Spectrum Mortgage closes on another luxury condominium unit.

Brickell Key luxury condominium refinance. Foreign National borrower. $500,000 @ 8% for 24 months. Closed in 6 days.

Spectrum Mortgage Group, Inc. closes another private loan. Ft. Lauderdale flex office space condominium and business loan.  Funding of $900,000 for 24 months @ 9.25% for interior construction and equipment. No tenants in place at closing. Approved and closed in seven business days.

Spectrum Mortgage Group, Inc. closes another private loan. $4.9M on Miami Beach. Foreign National cash out refinance. Broker submitted the loan to a Miami bank where it was REJECTED!!! From commitment to funding in THREE DAYS! This sets an all time record for our 25 years in business!

Specturm close another private equity deal in 5 days. Fort Lauderdale partial construction loan for $500,000. Rates starting at 8.0%.


Spectrum Mortgage closes on a $1,850,000 cash out refinance on a partially owner occupied office complex in Weston, FL at a 60% LTV. Borrower required gap financing for cash flow purposes.

Spectrum closes on a 60% LTV, $1,500,000 cash out refinance of a double condominium unit in Palm Beach. Unit interiors are completely gutted and the funds are being utilized for new construction and interest reserve. Loan was closed at 9.5% for 24 months with 12 months guaranteed interest.

Spectrum Mortgage closes on a cash out refinance of Bal Harbour investment condominium for $290,000 @ 50% LTV for 18 months. Borrower required immediate cash flow for new business inventory.

Spectrum Mortgage closes on a cash-in refinance of two Coral Gables office condos in foreclosure. $1,600,000 @ 50% LTV for 24 months at 9.25%.

Spectrum Mortgage Group, Inc. closes on a Ft. Lauderdale vacant commercial condominium unit to be operated as office flex space.  Borrowers closed in 14 days on $900,000 loan fixed for 24 months providing the necessary capital to build out the interior and start leasing for future cash flow.