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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What do I need to do to become approved with Spectrum?

    To become an approved broker with Spectrum you only need to provide your current NMLS # and proof of good standing, that’s it.  Commercial loan originators do not need to be licensed to conduct business with us.

  • Do our fees go on the HUD?

    Yes, brokers are always protected and their fees always appear on the HUD and are paid directly by the closing agent.

  • Is everything borrower paid?

    Yes, Spectrum does not offer premium pricing programs.

  • What is your underwriting time?

    Typical underwriting takes five business days.  Loans over $1.0M need to go to loan committee which meets weekly.

  • Can I use my closing agent?

    Yes. We will also provide a quote to use and approved closing agent of the bank. The banks attorney will always produce the closing documents and review title.

  • Do you have rate sheets and guidelines?

    No. Every loan is custom tailored and therefore we do not issue any generic rate sheets or matrix’s.

  • Are you a portfolio lender?

    Yes, every loan we approve stays at the bank or in our own portfolio if it is a private loan.